On-Screen Navigation

Access Mode

Auto start

It will automatically start scanning after an item has been selected.

Using a keyboard: Hitting 1 will go to previous and 2 to next. Also keys W/S, Up/Down arrow will work to navigate the tree.

In wheel mode you can navigate through the tree with a mouse or touch.

Configure Actions

Below are possible actions in pasco by clicking on them you can manage switches that triggers them.

Allow hold down of switches

By pressing down on a switch it will repeat the action. Warning: Do not use when single switch scanning activated.


Back option for all branches

Notify back on select

Debug Mode

Stay in branch for all nodes

Cue Voice Cue Voice

Main Voice Main Voice

First Time Run (Cue Voice) Cue Voice(First)

Only for auto-scan access mode

Display message bar when spelling

Custom height for message bar

Active Tree


Edit Tree

Dropbox Sync